After establishing themselves in the organization, they advance through promotions and by earning additional security certifications. As you can see from the table below, the average salary of people holding the either the CISSP or CISM is $20,000 more than what average Security+ certification holders earn. This salary difference is not surprising given that both CISSP and CISM are expert-level credentials geared to seasoned, experienced security professionals at the pinnacle of their careers, while Security+ is an entry-level credential. Popular options include upskilling programs through your company, earning a master’s degree in cybersecurity or another related field, or even taking courses on your own time. Even as organizations continue to post open cybersecurity engineering jobs, many remain unfilled.

comptia security + salary

This certification ranks slightly higher this year — it was number five last year — with a nearly 5% gain in salary. CompTIA Security+ is a globally recognized certificate, which proves your understanding of the IT industry and information security. We didn’t recall any of this, and honestly might have learned the details for the first time …

CompTIA Security+: Salary Overview of Certified Professionals

This is a very wide range which is reflected in the width of the pay ranges listed. Soft Skills – In today’s business environment, soft skills play a vital role in landing a job, advancing one’s career, and getting well-paid. Communication skills, a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, problem-solving, and excellent time management, among others, will work on getting you what you want. When it comes to the network and computer systems administrators, the median annual wage in May 2020 was $84,810. This is compared to $41,950, representing the average yearly wage of all occupations across the United States. That said, half of the workers in this particular job role have earned more, while the other half earned less than $84,810.

Is CompTIA security worth IT?

When it comes to cybersecurity, CompTIA Security+ is an excellent starting point for IT professionals who want to move on to higher certifications. IT skills you will learn with CompTIA Security+ include: Identifying threats and vulnerabilities before they can infiltrate IS is essential.

For many years, it’s retained a presence on our list but in 2022 it comes with an average salary that’s reportedly 5%+ higher than in 2021. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional validates an individual’s ability in this area. AWS recommends two or more years of hands-on experience and familiarity with a scripting language, Windows, Linux, and many AWS services. Earning this certification requires professionals pass the current exam (SAP-C01). Changes to the exam are coming in November 2022 to align with the AWS Well-Architected Framework more closely. As the competition for jobs in the IT industry continues to intensify, IT professionals have been forced to look for ways to stand out in the eyes of potential employers.

What is Security+ Certification?

You can also increase your earnings potential by joining professional organizations. You can join the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. Another popular association is the Information Systems Security Association. Take advantage of networking and professional growth opportunities that can boost your career.

The need for trained professionals to mitigate these threats is at an all-time high. But you have to leverage your cyber security bachelor’s degree salary to make yourself competitive. You find higher wages in cities like Chicago and Dallas for certain jobs. For example, you can earn more money as a cyber security analyst in Chicago than you can in a small Maine town. You can also find higher-paying jobs for information security analysts in New York than you can in Minnesota.

Salary facts at a glance

Moreover, certifications from prestigious organizations, such as Cisco and Microsoft, can also result in increased earning potential. The CompTIA Secuirty+ certified professionals are the experts in the field of cybersecurity. These Security professionals have tasks relating to securing network hardware, network services, and network traffic for the assigned business. Emsi Burning Glass also predicts that the cybersecurity engineering profession will grow some 23.4 percent over the next ten years. As long as organizations need their networks and employees defended against cyber-threats, they’ll need cybersecurity engineers—and it’s clear that the rate of cyber-attacks is only increasing. Proving your mastery of certain skills and certifications can give you the leverage necessary to land a higher salary from a current or prospective employer.

By taking stock of your knowledge gaps in the exam content, you can set yourself up for exam success. Increase your chances of passing the exam comptia security + salary without work experience with classes like CompTIA Live Online Training. This is a very good question but hard to get you a good answer to.

How to Choose an IT Security Certification Path

According to CompTIA, 96 percent of managers look for certifications when screening candidates or include certifications as part of the job requirements. The Global Knowledge report also notes that certified IT professionals earn 22 percent more than their non-certified counterparts, which makes a strong statement in favor of earning certifications. Please refer to the May 2017 BLS Occupational Employment and Wages to learn more about security job opportunities and salaries in your location and industry. An entry-level credential, Security+ is ideal for individuals seeking to establish themselves as IT security professionals. The certification targets IT professionals who troubleshoot, configure and manage networks. It not only validates a candidate’s knowledge of core cybersecurity topics, but also their ability to perform core cybersecurity tasks.

Is CompTIA security for beginners?

No matter what method you choose, studying for and earning CompTIA Security+ is great cybersecurity training for beginners and can help you launch your cybersecurity career.

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